Andrew Douch

Andrew Douch is an independent education technology consultant with 22 years' classroom experience.

He has won numerous awards for his work with emerging technologies in education, including the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teacher of the Year.
His keynote presentations on 21st Century learning, educational change, and transformative use of ICT have made Andrew a highly sought-after conference presenter and facilitator of professional learning workshops in schools and tertiary institutions. 

His mantra is "You don't need to be very good with technology to do very good things with technology".

Andrew's message is that in the second decade, teachers no longer need to be "tech-savvy" to transform their classrooms into thriving, connected, learning communities.  

Rather they need a willingness to question their 20th Century paradigms and rethink their roles as educators in a world where information is available on-demand and communication is instantaneous.


 “I so believe that every student has something important to contribute, and digital tools, (in the hands of an innovative teacher with a genuine desire to make a difference), make it more possible than ever for students to shine.” - Andrew Douch