Workshop Information

The “Air New Zealand” Teaching Model: Recording lessons to reclaim class time for what matters most.
Presented by: Andrew Douch, Evolve Education

To thrive in the economy of the future, our students will need problem-solving, communication and critical thinking skills. They will also need presentation skills, creativity, and entrepreneurship. But how do we find the time in class to foster these skills when we also need to prepare them for Naplan and VCE exams? We can’t afford to neglect either, but we don’t have time to successfully do both!

Actually, yes we do! The solution lies in using simple and readily available technologies to record lessons as videos, screencasts and podcasts which students will access within the classroom. Doing this has significant advantages. It demonstrably improves learning efficacy (and VCE/naplan results), increases student engagement and promotes differentiation. Most importantly, it is much more efficient, allowing us to reclaim precious class time for other, important things. In this workshop, Andrew will explain his proven approach to using podcasts and screencasts to improve student learning outcomes while saving class time.

Delegates in this workshop will be surprised how (ridiculously) easy it has become over the past year, to make podcasts, screencasts and videos, and be challenged to think differently about how they spend their valuable class time.


Introduction to Coding: Lift off with Swift Playgrounds -  a simple, free and fun tool for learning to program on the iPad.
Presented by: Melanie Eggins, Education Advantage

Technology has a language. It’s called code. And coding is now an essential skill. Learning to code teaches students how to solve problems and work together in creative ways, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Swift is the simple new programming language from Apple that anyone can learn and make amazing projects in. Best of all, it's even free for download on your iPad.

This session will cover the basics on starting out with Swift Playgrounds and the ongoing learning resources available to help grow your skills once the workshop is over.

You'll also learn how Swift can be easily introduced to the classroom and the benefits of this particular programming framework for your students.


Pimp your Scratch coding project with Makey Makey and tap into a whole new world of creative learning.
Presented by: David Williams, Catholic Education Sandhurst

In this workshop you'll explore the connection between Design Thinking, programming in Scratch and the amazing invention device called the Makey Makey.

You'll learn how to build an interactive game controller or trigger for a Scratch project using fruit and conductive materials.

This is a hands-on workshop for you to make, trial and create. Please bring your own laptop!


Go beyond with Google Expeditions: Using the power of Virtual Reality transformatively in your classroom.
Presented by: Daniel Armitage, Galen Catholic College

Take your students into space, down into the Great Barrier Reef, tour ancient ruins, temples, Egypt, Rome, see the effects of deforestation in Borneo, transport them into scenes of the world wars or even inside trench warfare - all in 40mins!

See how Google Expeditions can transform your student's experiences with these immersive VR tools.

Beyond this workshop, DTAC even have a kit available for schools to borrow so the world is at your finger tips!


The Tools of Engagement: We're living in the future and it's actually (much) easier than you think!
Presented by: Andrew Douch, Evolve Education

Gone are the days when teachers needed to be tech-savvy to harness the power of technology to make learning more engaging, exciting, and participatory. Today, even non-technical teachers can do novel things at little expense, that just a few years ago were either inconceivable or costly.

This workshop will cover a range of simple but powerful digital tools, and teaching strategies which bring excitement to any classroom, improve learning outcomes, and capture the interest of students.

Each of the tools selected for this workshop is one that Andrew has found to make a real difference in schools because it meets six criteria:

  • it's engaging
  • it addresses a pedagogical challenge
  • it helps develop important skills
  • it's easy to use
  • it's time-efficient -
  • it's at the MR end of the SAMR model


Do you think you can build a game in under 40 minutes? In this workshop, you absolutely can!
Presented by: Jason Rieusset, gotafe

Unity3D is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine and a user friendly development environment.

Easy enough for the beginner and powerful enough for the expert; Unity should interest any teacher who wants to help students easily create 3D games and applications for mobile, desktop, the web, or even consoles.

Using Unity3D we'll build a simple platformer in around 40 minutes to demonstrate the learning benefits of game design and development.


FlipGrid: Don’t just ask a question. Easily do more and expand their world to ignite real discussion!
Presented by: Xavier Norden and Judd Porter, Wangaratta West Primary School

Ignite your classroom discussions and create a richer learning environment with this simple tool! Flipgrid empowers and amplifies student voice.

Teachers create the topics and spark a discussion, students capture and share their ideas through video on any device, and all students can view and reply to take the discussion deeper.

As a teacher, you can also easily watch and give formative feedback to your students.


Continuing your personal Digitech learning journey with CSER Digital Technologies Education online.
Presented by: Celia Coffa, University of Adelaide

Explore the free online resources that the CSER Digital Technologies Project offers teachers to broaden their knowledge and skills with Digital Technologies.

If you are looking for help to get to know the content of the Digitech curriculum in a free, flexible and self-paced online forum, this is for you.

This session will introduce you to the online courses, materials for school leaders as well as provide an overview of other CSER resources. (Suitable for P-10.)


Digital Technologies curriculum without the Digitech? Unplug and explore just how much you can achieve!
Presented by: Celia Coffa, University of Adelaide

Fifty percent of the Digital Technologies curriculum can be explored without using technology. Explore some Digital Technologies concepts in an unplugged environment. In this session we will explore some ideas shared in the CSER Digital technologies online courses.

Unplugged activities are powerful ways to explain and explore concepts and are lots of fun too!


Sharing our story with the community via powerful and student-led programs: PCCTV and PCC Radio.
Presented by: Ryan Wendt, Point Cook College

Looking for an exciting way to engage your school and local community?

Point Cook P-9 College run a PCC media program including the successful PCCTV and PCC Radio. Both formats are student-led programs showcasing school events, student interests and talents whilst being broadcast to a global audience through their very own app.

Explore how we did it and how you can start your own programs as well. 

The opportunities for learning are endless!


Get on the ball and get rolling! Introduction to Sphero: Going beyond coding in creative, kinesthetic ways.
Presented by: Melanie Eggins, Education Advantage

In this fun, open-plan session you'll partner up and get hands-on with your very own Sphero! There'll be laughs aplenty as you creatively interact with your robotic buddy while building up your own coding skills with basic algorithms.

Sphero goes beyond code by incorporating robotics and technology with collaborative STEAM activities, nurturing students’ imaginations in ways no other education program can. It gives physicality to learning coding and delivers a highly versatile toolset that is unbounded in potential.

Sphero was built for learner progression and is an excellent place to start or further any journey with robotics and coding. It’s approachable for beginners of all ages, yet sophisticated enough for seasoned programmers so presents a huge scope of engagement suitable for any classroom.


Green Screen Technology: Engaging and challenging students through the use of simple and creative tools.
Presented by: Xavier Norden and Judd Porter, Wangaratta West Primary School

Everyone's heard of a green screen, but how do you use it effectively in your classroom to build digital creations, change the setting in stop motion animation or enhance the background during digital presentations?

You'll be surprised just how easy and fun it is to use green screens in your classroom creations.

In this workshop, we'll show you how you can provide your students with simple tools to bring their imagination and work to life!


Google Classroom and G-Suite: Exploring a free world of cross-platform classroom collaboration tools.
Presented by: Xavier Norden and Judd Porter, Wangaratta West Primary School

In this workshop, we'll explore how Google Classroom can assist in the delivery of digital content in learning, as well as create new ways for students and teachers to communicate both within the classroom and outside of it.

We'll also take a look at how the G-suite for education can further opportunities for school communities.

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